Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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Eucalyptus is an ideal oil to promote feelings of clear breathing and open airways and for creating a soothing massage experience. Eucalyptus oil has to purify properties that can be beneficial for the skin and for cleansing surfaces and the air. Studies have shown that Eucalyptus oil is effective in helping lessen tension. It is great for dandruff and treating various scalp conditions such as dermatitis. It is also an effective insect repellent.


  •  Soothing effect on infected and inflamed skin conditions.
  •  Diffuse Eucalyptus oil as you relax and clear your mind, Calming aroma
  •  Promotes feelings of clear breathing
  •  Effective insect repellent
  •  Improves Seasonal Allergies like flu


 Tested on friends and family

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